You will have an opportunity to visit ELI Beamlines on Wednesday after lunch. To help you decide if you are interested in this visit, we provide short inforamtion about the facility. Please state your interest in the Abstract Submission form.



ELI Beamlines Facility is a leading laser research centre and part of The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC, pan-European research Infrastructure hosting the world’s most intense lasers. ELI provides unique tools of support for scientific excellence in Europe. ELI Beamlines has developed and operates four leading edge high-power femtosecond laser systems reaching unprecedent intensities. ELI Beamlines offers to its users unique femtosecond sources of X-rays and accelerated particles. These beamlines enable pioneering research not only in physics and material science but also in life science, laboratory astrophysics, chemistry with strong application potential.  Currently, several of the main laser beamlines are operational and are being expanded and upgraded to reach their full performance and maximum availability. Other laser beamlines are in commissioning and new cutting-edge laser sources are in the design and development phase. The ELI Beamlines Facility builds on 350 researchers, engineers and other professionals from more than 28 countries.

The main goal of ELI Beamlines is to operate the most advanced laser equipment in the world. This is already achieved and implemented through research projects covering the interaction of light with matter at intensities that are 10 times higher than the values currently achievable. With ultra-short laser pulses that last only a few femtoseconds and outputs of up to 10 PW, ELI brings new techniques and tools for basic research as well as areas such as medical imaging and diagnostics, radiotherapy, new materials and X-ray optics.